If I Never Went Broke

Time after time, we all imagine the good life. What would you do if you didn’t have to go to work today? If financial security was never a worry. What would your schedule look like?

I’d wake up every morning at eight and take a nice shower and groom myself completely. I’d find my favourite pair of wardrobe from the closet and settle into them before eating breakfast.

I’d have my bowl of cereal while watching an episode or two of Gilmore Girls.

After, I’d close my laptop and put on some classical music to read another 50 to 100 pages of my current book. Whichever book that may be. I’ll write for my book until the noon and finish close to a thousand words or more.

My mind will drift at this time and I’ll think of an intriguing blog post for my new WordPress page… much like this one.

When all the read and writing is done for the morning I’ll work more on my Youtube channel sketches and skits I’ve been meaning to focus and develop. I’ll do that for a good hour before I do my first script break down. I completed a screenplay not too long ago but haven’t gotten the time to break down the entire script.

I’ll spend some time in the afternoon to go for a walk around my city or travel to another city nearby to take photos and scout for locations. I’ll buy myself a small lunch with a good cup of coffee just to match the day.

When I get home I’ll process the photos I took in Lightroom and fix them to my likings. I’ll later set up my recording booth with my microphone and speakers to write and work on some new music for my Soundcloud page. I’ll get three songs done every day and either release them or save them for a full length release.

I’ll make myself a good dinner; perhaps doing something with that can of black beans I’ve had in my cupboard for some time now.

Before heading into bed I’ll watch a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls, and read another 50 pages of my book.

Eventually I’ll repeat this for a good month until I can further my ideas out to open on platforms like Kickstarting and doing live shows at venues.

How about you? What would your entire day schedule look like?


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