My First Tinder Girlfriend (almost)

I never knew of crow aggression month until I met Nicole. I was out at the city airport working graveyard shifts at a coffee shop when I received the exciting notification I had gotten a match. Tinder was what I spent my hands on when I was commuting on transit to the city, coming home, and the bios worked to be my favourite bed time stories.

I had gotten the occasional spam match, but I recall one swipe which I really wanted to be a match, but knew for certain wouldn’t be.

I was wrong. It was a match and everything didn’t make sense.

So we spoke, however, I had completely disregarded that the application finds people in your area and as far as 160kms far away (100 miles)

“I’m from Seattle, Washington.” Nicole texted. “Although I’m hardly in the city.”

I questioned if she was worth going the distant. Who was I kidding? Of course I’d run to Seattle every weekend for our regular meet ups.

Summer ran it’s course with humidity and forest fires. Behind the curtain of smoke was an Amtrak train on route to Seattle. My heart always raced upon arrival knowing I had entered the same city as this girl. A city she has seen her whole life. I’d bluff if I said I knew the city around top to bottom; a part of me wanted too just to impress her, but fuck it. I let her guide me to her place.

Columbia City was where we first met and where I’d also last see her. It was a friendly neighbourhood with antique stores, a lonely library and a vintage indoor theatre.

We had a lot in common. Our insecurities were on match too so we’d practically be walking disasters however, she had other things on her plate and it all came out one after another on the last day of July.

“I’m going to Colorado soon.”

“My ex-boyfriend was my high school sweet heart”

She had cold feet and her school came to me a bit of a surprise, but I let her go with the summer of 2014. Nothing ever great came of it except some inspirations for some writing projects. I’m glad I told her everything about me, except for one thing..


I’m a rapper.




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