Rich and Pretty – Rumaan Alam (Book Review)

Rich and Pretty is a novel I read out of recommendation and review. I hadn’t read any books in a really long time so I decided to give this a read.
Truthfully, it wasn’t of my taste. The story is about two girls, best friends, New York, and how they grew up as bestie into distant friends with all the joy and pain of growing up like weddings, second thoughts, babies. I was looking for a solid plot in this story and there was none.
I get it, growing up for anybody is hard but this entire novel felt like I just expanded the lives of two girls who were sitting at a local Starbucks talking about their fortunes.
Half way into this book the generic blandness took over with the girls going on a getaway trip, Lauren fucking waitresses, flirting with another office guy. The whole mumbo jumbo I could find in almost every other reality show on television.
The only good part of this entire novel was the descriptions of New York City and detailed female characters. 80% seemed to focus on the growth of these specific female characters, 20% was the story.
This book is best to become some film that the company would release on Mother’s Day just to get some extra dollar in their pockets.
I’d recommend this book for people who like outdated television dramas.

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