Breakout by Kevin Emerson (Review)

“Breakout” by Kevin Emerson represents one world of high school and how the slightest of errors and pains and can seem to feel like it’ll be eternal. The novel wholeheartedly focuses on the inner battle of a young upcoming band from Seattle called “The Rusty Soles” The challenged and ambitions Anthony who is also the writer and vocalist of the band faces a challenge on school grounds for possible expulsion if he continues to break school rules; mainly profanity.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. I too was in a school music program for some time and I recall doing performances in class and out of class and the talk of censorship always had to receive school approval prior to any big performance. “Breakout” paints the picture of being torn between the devil and angel metaphorically speaking. At one side, a young fourteen year old wants to say what he feels and be honest to himself, but on the second scale weighs heavy of adults who feel the young ones express themselves way too vulnerably simply for shock value.

It has to be one of the underrated things growing up as a teenager especially in this era where we are growing much faster. With everything we are inspired from and how even the slightest current events can affect us, we all feel some way about the things in this world so why do we have to live up to the common standard? Why do censor our feelings if it is honest to our gut?

I highly recommend this book to anybody in high school who has pursued music or have been witness to angsty class bands. It’s laced with all the troubles between rock and roll and young love. It’s a quick and easy read with one focus all the way to the end; to breakout or not breakout, that is the question.


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