My Weekend in California

“Hey boss, i’m going to California to see my favorite artist perform live, see you Monday.” 

Those were the words I remember saying last Thursday before I hopped on a bus to Seattle from Vancouver and flew out to Sacramento to see some of my favorite rap artists perform. I had 0 connections of mutal friends from the city, it was a solo getaway to see this once in a lifetime event.

(video credit. gurdaur // filmed in wheatland, ca) 

I know what I would do if I lived in New York, the mid west, central state or province. My life always consists on going far and beyond where I am. If I could fetch a train to Florida from New York, I would. If I could go to Vegas from Kansas, I would. I’ve gotten used to traveling for long periods of time to places that I want to go. I’m not rich in no way what so ever, but I do a lot of saving despite paying phone bills, rents and foods.

I’ve learned to grow love for a hobby such as music production where I can spend days in alone making stuff for the world to hear. My money sits in my bank for whatever other travels my heart desires. I work as a full time donut servers with the dream I can be like artists I listen too. It always sits in the back of my head and in my optimism, nothing ever tells me to give up. Conflicted? Sometimes, I can’t deny. I do face the regular burden of lectures on doing the generic; get a job, save money, find a girl, settle down, etc.

When I go to live shows, I enjoy the music but there’s a new part of me where I look at the equipment, the people who set up the show, and I imagine the cost, but then I break it down to know that not all artists had that backing so the question here is, “What did they do when they had only 50 fans?”

When I arrived to Wheatland, California I was instantlly connected with the boys and girls, Logic fans, G-Eazy fans, and decided to ditch the seats for the lawn where a lot of us had a hell of a time dancing and singing along to our favorite songs. A couple of Reno, Nevada helped me get to the airport later that night too which was not planned, but greatly appreciated. I am lucky to say I have friends in Nevada incase I end up in Reno.

What I took from the whole show in terms of my own music growth is the day one super fans are what create sold out arena shows for aritsts such as the ones I saw. They are your life support. Some will make fan pages for them, some will tweet about them, and the die hard day one fans will book a flight, stay, and VIP tickets from Vancouver, Canada to Sacramento just to see their idols.  I hope one day I can find those fifty of mine so I can begin taking them on a journey to a 20,000 seat show.



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