Last One In by Nicholas Kulish (Book Review)

The dark humour in this novel is what sold me. Nicholas really added a strong punch in dialogue and humour. Especially even when some parts of this book are down right depressing. Some of my favourite lines come from when he becomes prisoner and he interviews another prisoner who talks about his time in America and how he misses the diners. “They keep bringing you coffee, but you only pay once.” I never really appreciated something like that until I read that line. 

Nicholas has a really distinct way of writing and describing the moment. He is able to add every bit of reality even in his fictional work. In “Last One In” you enter the life of a rookie journalist Jimmy who has been sent out to Iraq to write on behalf of the Daily Herald. His intentions were to remain undercover and hope he doesn’t lose his jobs and not become a loser to the marines serving around him. 

This book somewhat puts a different spotlight on situations, despite it being of war, the humour between marines and the citizens of Iraq I can’t dismiss that it’s hard to accuse why one does what one has to do. Some choose it between becoming homeless or being able to see their child, wife, and family, some do it to defend somebody else’s decision. In this day and age it seems many fighters end up in another persons fight without the ability to think on their behalf but simply because the system can do whatever to their citizens as they are birthed into the product of this planet. 


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