If You’re Reading This, You’re Privileged

The guest pulls into drive thru and I answer. Another guest shows up to the front counter, I take their order. I do this every day five to six times per week at a donut shop selling over 20 types of donuts and it occurred to me. They’re given a choice. I don’t want to be part of a picky society. I want to be part of a growing society. I want to know where the errors are and be there to correct them rightfully and honestly. 

I never wanted to add to the problem but I’m part of it, I’m part of the error of humanity and I can’t stop it. Tonight, if a guest throws a fit to an employee for a wrong order, or they are overly picky on things they desire, they’ve left humanity. See, people who pick things selectively and carefully, they are in the best position in their life. I remember reading a quote online which went, 

“If you don’t have to think about it, it’s a privilege.” 

Beyond the colour of skins and mob mentality, there’s some other bold truth of it and that is we all have a privilege. If your pillow isn’t a tree stump or a rock somewhere down the darkest parts of your city, it’s a privilege to be in your shoes. If you’re reading this right now, you’re privileged. If you have to pick which flavour of donuts you want despite them all being the same taste, you are privileged.

And this isn’t something to be so proud about because to a lot of people, they strip the concern for others. This is wrong because human beings are a species to a planet. The great divide between maps and flags is not made by your mother or father, not by presidents or leaders, it’s designed by a privileged society. We think we deserve better because we are great and nowhere on that line do we want to improve because we are happy with who we are, but what do we do? 

We do nothing to help the man down the street who is homeless, we don’t care if a single mother is trying to get home on transit late at night with her 2 children, we don’t care if it doesn’t personally involve us. Now I am not saying that you are guilty and a bad person if you don’t do those things, because I know I don’t give my lunch every day I’m in Vancouver (weekends I do, but not everyday) But the point is, I want all of us to be aware of our privilege and next time you think it’s right for you to feel some way about something and feel a need to react because you have that choice. Consider that not every body has that choice. We don’t come to Earth with a choice to exist. We come as we are and go less than that but feel like we did more than we could. And further more, remember somebody else doesn’t have the privilege to make the choices you make today and that applies to every thing you will do in your life. From the moment you wake up or hit the snooze button, when you miss your bus or are stuck in traffic, if you have some sort of direction today, tonight or tomorrow and know you are in the most securest and inevitable part of society, you are privileged. 

From my years of working guest service it has shown me everything I never want to be but I am at fault for encouraging society into it’s way, but never am I on my own terms when there’s a thick logo patched onto my shoulder and the left side of my chest. Under my skin and bones and everything that isn’t a genetically designed shell, I am simply a voice much like to a blind man. Never should we decide life through our shells but through our voice and knowledge that we must not take things for granted. We should respect and take care of one another. Never lower others self-esteem in regards to class or physical appearance. This planet harbours the power to know it’s own existence so we should always sing the anthem of the universe also known as peace. 

-Gurdaur D.


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