99 Missed Calls (feat. Karen O)

It’s Saturday night and I’m drinking coffee thinking about love. Writer’s of love write tragic kind of love in all sorts of personality arch. Sometime’s it’s an accident or perhaps a breakup. They lead it up with a lot of attraction and engagement with the reader and it all ends in a mess where you just want to cry. You want to change a pattern in a fictional world just so it pleases you.

Real world love has that same appeal. We love somebody for something. Sometimes we get the thing we love, but so often I witness the great decline in a couple. There are things that happen. Some of us drink too much, some of us do the worst and cheat a lot. It’s an ongoing pandemic that begins mostly when a love becomes ‘disposable’

99 Missed Calls is a song I wrote dedicated to the young kids who see love through a digital lens. It compares modern love to war-time love. When there was a risk that, ‘Hey, darling, this might be the last night, the last kiss and the last meal I share with you.’ It’s not to say it’ll take a war to repair love in this world, but it’s a practice of the mind to understand, ‘Hey, we don’t live forever and if you love something as much as you say you do, hold it, cherish it and keep it forever because love is not a store bought item.’ It can’t be restocked or resold for less its value. It’ll create memories, you’ll give birth to nostalgia and leave more room to compare future lovers with your past. Ultimately, you’ll loop this pattern time after time until we become numb to love. The same way we become numb to the use of caffeine. Eventually you’ll stop feeling the true effects to those who break their caffeine virginity.

At the end of the song, I added the line about finding somebody who accepts your flaws and to pick up those 99 missed calls. I added those two lines together because it bonds two acknowledged flaws in modern society. Being too attached has been seen as a flaw yet ignoring a call because you can’t tell them what you feel is okay. It doesn’t make sense to ignore. It’s not worth taking pride in having a new fishing line when you only caught one fish on the hook and don’t know whether to keep it or set it free. The true reward of love is knowing what you feel is true and keep it as current as air, the sun, stars, moon and sky. It’s an ongoing motion.


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